for Seniors

For Higher Level of Learning

Excellent way to learn Spanish and have a good time!

Focus on the spoken word and learn by heart.

Study Spanish in Tenerife and Gran Canaria

  • Courses take place twice a week with two 45 minute lessons (1.5 hours).
  • We also offer private and intensive lessons (three hours daily, five days per week).
  • Courses start every Monday.
  • Maximum six students per class.

Spanish for Seniors course integrates themes from everyday life in Spain. We explain the language with a focus on the spoken word, enabling you to understand the practical application and learn by heart.

What’s included?

  • Introduction to rich history and culture of Spain
  • Accredited teachers and scenic locations
  • Extensive Spanish lessons within exclusive group
  • Personal and safe learning environment
  • ¡Vale! course materials by Sothis Language Schools

Spanish in typical situation

Teaching Spanish since 1993, Sothis incorporates a great deal of experience and insight to lesson structures.

We offer our senior students diverse leisure activities such as dining, walking or visiting local cultural events. Excellent ways to learn the language and have a good time!

The knowledge you acquired in the class will be actively utilised and optimally integrated into daily life.

Learn Spanish while travelling

Courses are available from one week to several months for those who prefer the Canarian sunshine.

Many retirees have the well-earned luxury of travelling several times a year. Learning a new language or brushing up existing skills keeps you age-fit and agile.

What could be better than enjoying the sunny Canary Islands while challenging the grey matter.

Spanish for Seniors

One Week

15 lessons


Two Weeks

30 lessons


Three Weeks

45 lessons


Four Weeks

60 lessons


Welcome to Canary Islands

As a basis of your learning program, we’ve produced “¡Vale! I & II” text books for learning Spanish. Course material offers step-by-step approach with easy to follow explanations, examples and exercises. Depending on the student level and interests, we also include topical discussions, reports and current news in the lessons.

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Private Tutoring

For students who wish to learn Spanish in the convenience of their own home, Sothis Language Schools arranges private tutoring. If you prefer not be learning alone, join in with a few neighbours and learn Spanish together!